April 18, 2024

Countdown National Lipstick Day 29. heinäkuuta! hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High intensity Refillable Lipstick

I like these new hourglass lipsticks to bits.
Two much more days ’til national Lipstick Day!

I should confess… in some cases when I drink as well much coffee, which I did today, I get so hyper that 1) I annoy myself, as well as 2) my hands get truly sweaty, as well as when my hands get sweaty, I have a difficult time opening the hourglass Confession Lipsticks.


They look so cool, however man! — they’re slick.

A bullet you don’t want to dodge…
Shout-out to the person (or peeps) who chose to put these in bullet-shaped packaging, though. extremely clever. A bullet-shaped situation with a lipstick bullet inside? Oh, the symbolism. The layers within layers. That type of thing gets me each time (it’s the former English major in me).

Oh, Hai!

Latest lip introduce bound for the long-term collection

The Confession Ultra Slim High intensity Refillable Lipsticks have the look of a full-coverage liquid lipstick, however they are so much much more comfy than that as well as waaaaay simpler to apply. They just introduced into the hourglass long-term line and, yes, their name fits them perfectly. They’re slim, refillable full-coverage lipsticks with a satin finish, as well as they’re offered in 30 shades, including some nudes, mauves, pinks, berries as well as reds.


Kissat ja meikkipaita?

42 dollaria

Osta nyt

Nothing as well crazy, though. hourglass doesn’t typically do, like, overtly stylish lip shades, so no eco-friendlies or blues. as well as I don’t find a flavor or scent when I wear them.

From the top: nobody Knows, You Can discover Me, My Favorite, I Believe, as well as I Always
The golden situations are refillable, as well as you can get one situation with a lipstick for $34, however the refills are likewise offered for $22, so one might save a few bucks by just getting a refill as well as utilizing that. I’m just sayin’.

I believe the situation is adorable, however I can see myself losing it in the unlimited pit that is my Michael Kors tote, so I dunno…

Kukaan ei tiedä
What’s chic, elegant, costly however approachable? (Here’s a hint: it’s Hourglass.)

If you’re new to Hourglass, I believe they’re well worth getting to understand better. It’s a high-end line out of SoCal. They’re been around for many years with their elegant, trendy aesthetic, however they aren’t one of those dauntingly extravagant brands. I believe there’s just something extremely great about them, ya know? They’re well-known for their Ambient illumination Powders as well as palettes, however they’ve likewise made major waves lately with their Vanish surface Seamless foundation Stick as well as woman Lip Stylos.

You Can discover Me
Like NARS Audacious…

I freakin’ like these! They’re a great deal like the fantastic NARS Audacious lippies (except in numerous methods better). They’re intense, as well as you can develop them as much as full opacity, however they’re likewise smoother, last longer as well as much much more moisturizing.

Unlike so numerous long-wearing lipsticks, these aren’t drying. They aren’t painful, which is a fantastic reprieve when you like long-wearing lipsticks however you’re likewise livin’ that #dryliplife.

Their color stays completely intact for hours, too. Like, it doesn’t break up at all, which is unusual for such a creamy lipstick.

Minä uskon
But that’s not all…

When I’m using one as well as take a sip of coffee, I barely see any type of lipstick left behind on the rim of the cup. many of it stays on my lips, where it belongs! The other day I took Connor out for a walk after lunch (a turkey sandwich, a white peach as well as a berry La Croix, if you should know) as well as ran into two of my neighbors, both of whom just occur to be makeup peeps, as well as both gals requested the name of the fantastic hot pink lipstick I was using (it was called I Believe). It appeared like I had just used it minutes before, however it had been hours.

Minä uskon
Go for the brights

I’ve tried five shades, as well as the brights are the superstars for me. They’re exceptional, as well as extremely long-lasting. No patchiness, as well as they’re crazy comfortable. The only one I’ve had any type of difficulty with is pale peachy pink nobody Knows, which doesn’t stay with the middle of my lips in addition to the others. If you’re wanting to go the nude lip path with something similar, I believe the woman Lip Stylos are much better (check out Influencer as well as Peacemaker).

Minä aina
Hey, slim! The Confession bullets with a MAC lippie for scale


If you’re interested, I extremely suggest one of the bright shades. You won’t regret it.

Ystävällinen yhteisön charmin addict,


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