February 22, 2024

How to marry a Showgirl: The lots of Faces of the new MAC Marilyn Monroe Eyeshadows

using the new MAC Marilyn Monroe Eyeshadow in Showgirl
Being the right-hand human to an worldwide plus-size kitty supermodel can be a genuine chore if you’re not, you know, in the mood to be your cat’s minion/punching bag.

To my feline employer, I’m simply a toady, a gopher, however there’s a lot more to being a successful pet assistant than having opposable thumbs. It’s a multifaceted task needing a diverse skill set, dagnabbit, as well as perfect candidates are people with layers — just like the new $21 big Eye shadows from the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection.


Blueish gray Showgirl as well as soft white exactly how to Marry, two of the four shades in the restricted edition introduce that shows up on counters this Thursday, may look like basic problem shimmers in swatches, however wait up until they get on your lids.

Eyeshadows in Showgirl (left) as well as exactly how to marry (right)
Like Marilyn, these big Eye shadows are larger than life! Each of the $21 0.1-ounce pans consist of twice as much product as MAC’s routine $15 eyeshadow pans, which consist of 0.05 ounces each.

Thing is, these infants like buffing, so begin by pressing either one on your lids with a firm, flat eyeshadow clean or finger (side note: this part’s type of important, since I’ve observed that if I avoid the firm brush/finger part, these shadows display considerable fallout), as well as then swirl a domed, fluffy clean like the MAC 217 on top of the shadows to lift away a few of the pigment.

What stays is a semi-opaque laundry of shiny color as well as small glimmering flecks of shimmer. Although the effect’s kinda peaceful in these pics, I believe it’s much a lot more evident as well as incredibly quite in person, particularly if you like your shine on the downplayed side.

Eyeshadow in Showgirl
Eyeshadow in exactly how to Marry

Eyeshadow in exactly how to Marry
Vasemmalta: Blush legendaarisessa, punastumassa parhaassa poskella, houkuttele jauhe pysyvästi Marilynissa, luomiväri, miten naimisiin sekä luomiväriin Showgirl
These are eyeshadows that scream, “Hey, world! I’m a lot more than just a glorified gravy opener!” as well as whisper, “Yes…glitter can be peaceful as well as classy.” If you like eye looks that softly shimmer, spend a long time with either of these two shades.


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PRICE: $21 each
AVAILABILITY: pertaining to MAC counters as well as stores October 4 (that’s this Thursday!)
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Loopy for Looper!

Fellow sci-fi fans, if you haven’t seen Looper yet, see it! — since I liked IT, all caps as well as strong with additional exclamation marks!!

It stars Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (I try to actively block out the truth that he’s the exact same age as my younger sibling whenever I begin to drool over him) as well as the charming Emily Blunt.

Without exposing as well much of the story…it’s the year 2074, as well as the innovation for time travel exists, however its utilize is strictly forbidden.

The only people who utilize it are mobsters, as well as they utilize it solely to send their victims 30 years into the past to be killed by hired guns called loopers (apparently, getting rid of bodies in the future is a genuine pain in the @ss).

Joseph as well as Bruce play the exact same character, a looper named Joe, from different eras. Joseph plays Joe circa 2044, as well as Bruce plays the older Joe from 2074. When loopers are “retired” by their mobster employers, they’re sent back in time to be killed by their younger selves, a process called “closing your loop.” Mayhem ensues when a looper either stops working to close his own loop, or selects not to.

I understand it seems a bit confusing, a la Inception, however it’s really a quite tight story. as well as when it grabbed hold of me, it didn’t let go!

I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end, as well as it kept me guessing the entire time. There were at least two times during the motion picture when I felt like jumping up from my seat in the movie theater as well as yelling, “TWIST!” LOL!


I really believe I’m gonna try to drag El Hub to see it with me a second time since I liked it that much!

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